Wild & Wonderful Black Pearl


Sire: Winterfell Cash Of Lasterday

Dam: BornToBeWild Outta The Blue

HCM Screen: 2/22/19- Negative 

Pk Def/PRA: Tested N/N

About: Pearl is Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby. She has nice rosettes with a wonderful structure. Her personality is top notch. She loves everyone she meets and enjoys being a mother. She is wonderful girl. 


Wild & Wonderful Southern Sass "Sassy"

Sire: DGC Starangel Chaser of Barrottsdream

Dam: Lasterdays Black Pearl

HCM Screen: Negative   8/7/2020

Pk Def/PRA: Tested N/N

About: Sassy is a Brown Bengal. She is a gorgeous girl with large dark rosettes. She is a large thick girl. She is sweet and in charge. Excited to see what she will produce. 


Wild Wonderful Every Kiss "Kay" 

Sire: FoxCreek Bengals The Final Froniter


Dam: WildWonderful Tough Under Pressure


HCM Screen:  Coming soon 

Pk Def/PRA: Tested N/N 

About: Kay is a brown charcoal spotted bengal. She is a very sweet kitten with wonderful features. While she will not produce charcoal kittens she can produce snow and brown kittens. We look forward to watching her grow. 


Wild & Wonderful "Mocha" 

Sire: Heaven Sent Slap Shot 

Dam: WildWonderful Southern Sass

HCM Screen: Negative   8/7/2020

Pk Def/PRA: Tested N/N 

About: Mocha is a gorgeous Brown spotted bengal. We are very excited to see her grow. We are loving her small ears. Short thick tail. Round eyes. Her personality is just as sweet as her face and coat. Very excited to see her grow and what she will produce. 

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